Replace a NLW Series Heater


How to find your Cadet model number

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If you have this Replace with this
LW202, NLW202A, NLW202TW RFI820D31W
LW302, NLW302A, NLW302TW RFI830D31W
LW402, NLW402A, NLW402TW RFI840D31W
LW482, NLW452A, NLW452TW RFI848D31W
NLW208A, NLW208TW RFI830D31W, 2250W @208V
NLW308A, NLW308TW RFI840D31W, 3000W @208V
NLW408A, NLW408TW RFI840D21W
LW207, LW307,
LW407, LW487

Note: Minor sheetrock work required for LW replacements.

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