A man installing a wall heater
A man installing a wall heater

Wall Heater Installation Support

If you’re comfortable working with electricity, installing a Cadet heater can be quite straightforward.

Watch Steve from Cadet tech support install a wall heater

• Cut a hole in the wall next to a stud

• Locate or route electric supply wires

• Install the wall can

• Wire connections

• Install the grill

Flush or surface mount?

Wall heaters can be installed flush against your wall by cutting a hole to fit. Find your heater’s specific cut-out size and clearance requirements in your Owner’s Guide on the Product Downloads page.

Is it safe to DIY install a wall heater?

We recommend our products to be installed with someone comfortable working with electricity. If this isn’t you, find a trusted Cadet installer on our Where to buy page.

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Need to find replacement parts?

Browse our range of genuine Cadet parts and accessories to help with your installation.