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How to Gain Living Space with a Simple Upgrade

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Many homes, especially older ones, feature a 'classic' baseboard heating system. They run along the walls through each room and give off heat in the colder seasons. Along with heating your home, they also take up space unnecessarily and prevent you from achieving the energy savings your home is capable of. For these reasons, many people choose to upgrade old baseboard and replace them with something more cost- and energy-efficient.

Upgrading your baseboards may sound like a challenge, but it’s easier than you think.

Take for examples the Vancouver Housing Authority and Share, they needed to upgrade aging electric baseboard heaters in a 13-room temporary housing shelter for families, they partnered with Cadet to install the Apex72 electric wall heater. Let's explore the challenge and how the Apex helped.



The Vancouver Housing Authority and Share needed required heaters that:

  •  Wouldn’t limit furniture placement in the rooms, which often have multiple beds
  •  Would effectively and quickly heat living spaces
  •  Were easy to control
  • Improved upon building firewall requirements.


The Apex72 electric wall heater:


  • It is installed six feet above the floor, adding new floor space for furniture and now completely out of the way out of reach of children.
  • The upgraded heaters circulate warm air throughout the room, quietly and efficiently.
  • The heater recess mounts into wall with 240 volt hardwiring 
  • The heater is low maintenance with cleaning recommendation every twenty-four months versus the previous heaters being every six months. 
  • The electronic thermostats allows for easy-to-control temperatures, bring greater comfort to the residents
  • The programmable thermostat also provides energy savings not available with old fashioned manual thermostats.
Wall Heater

Check out the how to install the Apex 72 video for more information and visit the Cadet Apex 72 Complete Kit with Thermostats, to fulfill your heating needs!