A living space with a Cadet SoftHeat Series Baseboard heater mounted onto the wall
A Cadet Softheat Baseboard heater mounted onto the wall

SoftHeat Series Baseboards

SoftHEAT wraps your family in gentle, steady warmth that fills the room. Enjoy greater comfort with a more consistent room temperature and a soft gentler heat with our hydronic design.

Heat with hydronic baseboards

Learn more about the Cadet SoftHeat electric, hydronic baseboard heater. Unlike standard electric baseboard heaters, the SoftHeat baseboard element is enclosed inside a copper tube filled with a mineral oil. The element heats the oil, which holds onto heat longer, giving you a more consistent, gentle warmth.

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See how easy it is to upgrade to a SoftHeat baseboard

Watch our expert install a SoftHeat baseboard in our easy to follow how-to-video. Note that if you don't feel comfortable doing this work, or doing the wiring, have a qualified electrician help you.