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Where Should We Install The Heater?

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We don't really want to suggest that finding the right place to install your heater is an art form, but a lot goes into finding the ideal spot for your heater. It all comes down to your room layout, air circulation, furniture placement, and how those things work in conjunction with heater clearance requirements and guidelines.

To help illustrate the types of things you need to watch out for, we sent Steve from our Tech Support department to our Digital Marketing Manager's house to show what to look for when finding a good place to install a heater. Watch what happen:

Find The Right Place To Install Your Heater

Here's a quick rundown of the best practices:

  1. Fan heaters work best on an inside wall; baseboards are best under a window. (But you can install fan heaters on outside walls and baseboards on inside walls.)
  2. If you're installing a heater by a door, make sure the heater isn't blocked by the door when it is open.
  3. Do not have an electrical outlet above or below the heater.
  4. Do not block Baseboards and fan heaters with furniture, bedding, drapes, or anything else.
  5. Allow 91 cm (36 inches) of clearance in front of a fan heater; 6 inches to the sides, and 12 inches above the heater.
  6. Allow 30 cm (12 inches) of clearance in front of a baseboard, 6 inches to the sides, and 12 inches above the heater.
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And don't forget when you're installing your heater, there are also a few best practices for where to install your wall thermostat. Check out our blog for more information on where to place your wall thermostat.

If you have any additional questions, we are here to help, please call our customer experience team at 855.223.3887 AND your owner's guide is always an excellent resource.

Video Transcription

0:00 Hi I'm Dave with cadet heat you know

0:02 Whether it's a supplemental system

0:04 Heaters that supplement or complement

0:06 Your existing furnace or a room-by-room

0:09 System with cadet heaters one of the

0:11 First questions that most people ask

0:12 Where can I put these heaters? where can

0:14 I place them? where should I not put them?

0:16 Well let's use this house as an example

0:19 It happens to be my house so I know from

0:23 Experience where the cold spots are and

0:25 Just so you know this is a 2,600 square

0:28 Foot home in Washington State with the

0:30 Forced air electric system that doesn't

0:32 Work very well. I've asked Cadet Tech

0:35 Support Professional Steve to come

0:37 Over and he'll guide us for the process

0:39 Of learning where to place Cadet

0:41 Heaters. Actually there's a lot of

0:43 Options that’s one of the things we deal with at Cadet quite a bit. You know a lot of your

0:47 Perimeters covered so you can't put a

0:50 Baseboard anything directly behind a

0:52 Couch obviously to deal with the cold

0:54 Spots that you might have in the room

0:56 One is you know is to add some heat up high

0:59 That might make sure air we have an

1:01 Eight-pack 72 that what actually might

1:03 Fit really well up in these areas. Another thing

1:07 We could do is address your wall if we

1:09 Pull these chairs out a little bit we

1:12 Could put a couple of small baseboards

1:14 To deal with the cold air that's coming

1:15 In from outside. Simply put it's a lot

1:18 Easier to move wall hangings and

1:19 Furniture than it is heaters. Steve says

1:22 It's best to first plot out your heat

1:24 Needs and then decorate around that. I

1:27 See this is the master bedroom where we’re 

1:30 Above a garage second, floor vaulted

1:33 Ceilings and so we're eight degrees

1:34 Cooler here all the time. What kind

1:37 Of supplemental heat could I put in this

1:38 Room? Here's a great spot for a baseboard

1:40 You need to move the wall outlet as

1:43 They’re not permitted directly above a

1:45 Heater. Baseboard heaters you need to

1:47 Have a foot clearance in front and above. 

1:50 The spot next to the dresser could work

1:53 Well for a wall heater. You need a 3 foot clearance in the front and six inches on

1:57 Each side. You need to make sure it isn't

1:59 Blocked by the door. Look Steve looks like you

2:02 Found a bathroom what do you think?

2:04 This is always cold in here, okay, what

2:07 Would work in here? It's a small space. Tt

2:09 Is a small space. Well, there's

2:11 Actually three options with your

2:13 Clearances and space that you have here.

2:16 We have a token heater that can mount

2:19 Under your vanity, it requires a six inch

2:22 Clearance on each side of it and 3

2:23 Feet in front. Now if you have pets, which

2:26 I clearly do, loud ones too, the rule

2:31 About clearance especially applies. Your cat and dog would just need to be kept away and could get in there pretty quick. This isn’t their place

2:40 Besides the perfecto

2:42 You could use a ceiling mounted compact

2:44 Or a third option called the Compak 

2:46 Bath. In the dining room, there's an

2:48 Abundance of space. Steve says the best

2:50 Place to put a baseboard in this room is

2:52 On an outside wall under a window. I always though that would be the last place you want to put it because you know the heat would just dissipate. 

3:00 Actually, the main reason for that is to mix the cold and warm air together 

3:03 While Steve isn't able to come over to everyone's

3:08 Home and do this sort of heating

3:09 Assessment you can call him or you can

3:13 Go to, click on customer

3:15 Service and pick one of the many options

3:17 To talk to Steve or any of our

3:19 Professionals

3:19 Oh and just like Steve all Cadet

3:23 Products are made in the US