What Is a Wall Heater?

3 min read

What do you see when you look at the image above? An air filter? Humidifier? Not sure? You wouldn't be alone.

So what is this thing? It's a wall heater. Knowing what it is and, more importantly, what it can do comes with some serious advantages, especially if you're someone who is finishing a basement or attic or you have a room that's always just a little too cold.

So, what is a wall heater? It's a small electric heater (a lot of ours are about 9-by-12 inches on the front and about 4-inches deep) that is installed in your wall that is used to heat an individual room. They can be used as the only heat source in homes or to add a little warmth to a room in a home with a central heating system.

Not a portable space heater

Don't get them confused with portable space heaters that plug into a wall outlet. Wall heaters are installed in your wall (or into a surface mount box) and are directly wired to a circuit in your electric panel. That means they're always there and don't have any wires for you to trip on.

Because they're self-contained heaters, you can install one without having to deal with ducts, which can be time consuming and expensive. That also means that all the heat generated by the heater will be sent directly into your room, not through the ducts.

Safe, reliable warmth

So yeah, there's a lot of reasons why knowing what wall heaters can come in handy. They're great ways to add permanent, safe, reliable warmth to your home without spending a lot of money or making time-consuming upgrades.

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