Welcome Spring and Remodel Season

3 min read

Spring is here. That means it's time to start cleaning up the yard and preparing for summer. But more than that, if you're a homeowner it's time to start thinking about what projects you'd like to tackle this year. Here at Cadet, we're welcoming spring by kicking off a remodel and renovation series on our blog. We'll be covering, among other things:

  • Projects that give you the best bang for your buck
  • Projects that are best left to professionals
  • How to save money on big remodel projects
  • How to find a good handyman
  • Room by room improvement projects

If you're a professional contractor, electrician, property manager or architect we'll also have some great stuff in store for you too. Along the way we'll touch on a few of the most common remodel questions we hear about our products from our customers. There will be photos, text, stories from customers and a few videos.

So let's say goodbye to that nasty cold weather (here's looking at you New England) and welcome more comfortable temperatures, outdoor barbecues, the feel of freshly cut grass on your bare feet and checking a few home improvement projects off your to-do list. We'll leave you with this great video from The Home Depot, which should get you inspired ahead of this year's remodel season: