Inviting Warmth Into Your Photography Studio

2 min read

One of the most important tips to a successful newborn session is keeping the little one at his or her desired temperature. Things are a little cooler out in the world after you’re born, so it’s no wonder newborns are fussier without an effective heating solution in place.

Most bundles of joy enjoy a toasty 85 degrees – especially if they aren’t being swaddled. Space heaters are insufficient at regulating the heat as they can get too hot and only heat one small space. It’s a little dangerous to face a space heater at a newborn too because you can’t regulate the heat and newborns are more sensitive to temperature. The best solution is to heat the photography space without heating the entire building.

Apex72 is a permanent electric wall heater that allows you to maximize space by installing it higher up on the wall. That way you won’t have to worry about placing furniture or photography equipment too close to the heater. Arrange and rearrange your studio as much as you please! The Apex72 requires cleaning less often than other wall heaters and has a more contemporary aesthetic.

Keep your newborn clients happy while being as efficient with your electricity as possible. And happy newborns mean good shots and good shots mean happy clients!