How To Fix a Baseboard Heater Cover Gap

2 min read

"Contents may have shifted during flight." That's the warning you hear from a flight attended before the plane even leaves the tarmac. And for any of you who've had a bag fall from the upper compartment onto your head, it's good advice. Well, once in a great while the same holds true for one particular piece of our Cadet baseboard heaters. It's called an element cover, and it's the thin strip of metal on the front of a baseboard heater. It covers the heating element inside the heater so it's both functional and decorative. You see, sometimes during shipping the element cover will slide right or left, leaving a slight gap between the heaters end caps and the element cover. It's nothing to worry about and it's easy to fix a baseboard heater cover gap. See for yourself in this short Cadet tech support video:

Now, wasn't that easy? Again, this is pretty rare--and it can happen if a store stands the heater box on its end. Most likely the element cover can become misaligned as the heater is making its way to customers from our production facility in Vancouver, Washington. (That's right, Cadet heaters are made in America.) If you have more questions about this subject or any other, don't hesitate to contact the Cadet tech department.