TH115 Thermostat on the wall in the bathroom

How to Change Your TH115 thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit in 5 Easy Steps

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Curious about how to change your TH115 thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit? This step-by-step guide will show you how to change this programmable thermostat in 5 easy steps.

The TH115 thermostat provides continuous comfort through its digital temperature sensing and controlThe large backlit display allows you to read and set your desired temperature effortlessly. Follow the steps below to learn how to convert your TH115 Thermostat From Celsius to Fahrenheit.

How To Change the TH115 Thermostat From Celsius to Fahrenheit


video instructions on how to change the TH115 Thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit

Step 1

Loosen screw under the thermostat

Step 2

Remove the faceplate

Step 3

Move switch #1 on the back of the faceplate to the up position

Step 4

Reattach the faceplate

Step 5

Tighten the screw

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Video transcription 

0:05 Step 1: Loosen the screw under the thermostat
0:13 Step 2: Remove the faceplate
0:21 Step 3: Move switch #1 on the back of the faceplate to the up position
0:25 Step 4: Reattach the faceplate
0:29 Step 5: Tighten the screw