Fixing a hole in drywall

How Fix a Hole in Drywall

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Disclaimer: If you do not feel comfortable performing this task, please contact a professional.

How to Repair a Hole in Your Drywall

Step 1

Secure a piece of plywood behind the hole

Tip: make sure the screws go slightly into the drywall

Step 2

Place a new piece of drywall over the hole

Step 3

Attach the drywall with screws

Step 4

Cover the cracks with drywall mesh tape

Step 5

Cover the entire surface with an even layer of drywall mud

Tip: Use a wide trowel to smooth off the surface

Step 6

Let the mud set for as long as it says on the box

Step 7

Sand down the surface until it’s smooth.

Tip: Sometimes it's easier to have 2 or 3 thin coats of mud with sanding in between than one thick coat.

how to fix drywall

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