Com-Pak Bath: The Perfect Bathroom Heater

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The Cadet Com-Pak Bath wall heater is a great option to bring additional warmth to your bathroom. You don't necessarily need to worry about heating your home when you live in a place where winter temperatures hover around 60 degrees. But that doesn't mean you want to forget about comfort.

Ted and his wife live in Coronado and as those of you who are familiar with southern California know, the weather makes a central heating and cooling system kind of pointless. In fact, the average annual high temperature for the year is 72.8 degrees and the average annual low is 59.2 degrees, according to U.S. climate data. Now, that might mean that the entire house doesn't need a heating system, but Ted says his bathroom can get a little chilly on winter mornings. And lucky for him, there's a solution to his problem: room-by-room electric heat.

Ted was able to use the cutout where his old heater was installed for the new Cadet Com-Pak Bath heater. There already was an old wall heater in the room, but it failed and was replaced by a plug-in portable heater. After using the free-standing portable heater for a while, Ted and his wife chose to install a Cadet Com-Pak Bath heater. Ted was able to use the the wires and cutout from the old in-wall heater to install the new Cadet. He said that it took him about an hour to complete the install process. Now, for full disclosure, running wire and doing DIY projects is nothing new for Ted. But when he looked a the instructions in the heater's owner's guide, he thought it would be pretty easy for someone who hasn't done any electrical work to install. They've been using it for several months now. The verdict?

"So far (the heater's) working fine," Ted said. He plans on installing another one in the bathroom of a garage he is converting to an apartment.

While Ted is the first to admit that the weather in Coronado is "very, very mild" having a little extra boost of heat in the mornings is an attractive option.

When talking with Cadet about his experience Ted wanted to point out a few things for folks who may be buying a heater for themselves:

The heaters do not come with wire nuts, or a strain relief connector, so make sure to pick them up before you start the installation process.

Ted's wife initially thought the heater was only on when you used the timer. That's not the case. According to Steve Elhart with Cadet tech support, the heater has two controls:

A thermostat knob and a timer. The thermostat knob is used to set the temperature in the room. The timer will override the thermostat and turn the heater on for the duration of the timer, even if the temperature rises above your set point.

So if you, like Ted are looking for a cold bathroom fix, consider inviting warmth with a Cadet Com-Pak Bath heater. Ted says he's pleased with his new Com-Pak Bath heater and plans on installing another one in a rental property in the future.