Chilly Mornings Deserve a Warm Bathroom

3 min read

If you’re an early riser, you understand the chilly effects of a cold bathroom. Stepping on that cold floor or braving a shower can make you want to stay under the warm covers. So, why not install a heater in your bathroom to get your mornings started off right? When you begin looking for that perfect bathroom heater, which model should you choose—a baseboard heater or an electric heater that’s installed into the wall?

Because bathrooms are typically smaller than an average bedroom or living room, a wall heater — such as the Com-Pak Bath — is a better choice, because it will heat the room almost instantly! This means that your bathroom is just right when you're ready for your shower. In addition, the Com-Pak Bath was created specifically for use in wet, humid conditions so it holds up well. The Com-Pak Bath wall heater also provides other benefits such as:

  • A 60-minute auto timer—by the time you’re finished with your morning ritual, the heater will turn off automatically
  • Worry-free, rust-free operation—even a moist, humid bathroom environment won’t affect this heater, thanks to the painted heating element
  • High-temperature shut off feature provides peace of mind should you forget to turn off the heater
  • Multi-volt, multi-watt options provide flexibility for any bathroom
  • Easy to install or replace an existing Com-Pak heater—the Com-Pak Bath heater fits the same wall can as our popular Com-Pak series
  • Color choices—Com-Pak Bath wall heater is now available in chrome as well as white

Finally, as with all our other products, the Com-Pak bath wall heater is proudly made right here in the United States. Swing by our "Where to buy" page to find out where you can get a Cadet Com-Pak Bath heater to warm up your chilly mornings today.