Can I Install a Cadet Electric Baseboard in my Bathroom?

3 min read

We get this question very frequently here at Cadet. Installing a heater in the bathroom can be a great way to say goodbye to chilly mornings or stay cozy after a shower. It is common for a bathroom not to have a heat source because a vent from the central heating system hasn't been extended into the bathroom, or some other source hasn't been installed. Although it is possible to install an electric baseboard heater in the bathroom, an electric wall heater is a much better choice for several reasons. Here's the top three reasons why you should install an electric wall heater in the bathroom instead of an electric baseboard heater.

Time to heat up

Electric wall heaters circulate warm air in your bathroom providing instant warmth while electric baseboard heaters take longer to warm the room. You want a heater that warms the bathroom instantly or else you might be done using the bathroom by the time the temperature is nice and cozy.

Size of heater

Electric wall heaters remain the same size, regardless of the wattage, while baseboard heaters vary in length. This means that if you want a 1000 watt heater, you will need to find 4 feet of free floor space in your bathroom for an electric baseboard. An electric wall heater of equivalent wattage will take up only 10 inches by 12 inches of space.

Additional features

Cadet electric wall heaters have additional features that are great for the bathroom. The Cadet Com-Pak Bath features a built-in auto timer that overrides the thermostat for up to 60 minutes, allowing you to get warm quickly and easily. Once you are done you can reset the timer, or let it run down by itself, and the heater will go back to the temperature setting of the thermostat. The Cadet Energy Plus features digital controls that auto-adjust the fan speed to maintain your room temperature within one degree. It features a large backlit display for quick visibility, easy push button control for precise heat adjustments, and a night/away mode. Stop by our "Where to buy" page to learn where you can get an electric wall heater for your bathroom.