Using Electric Wall Heater With Central Heat

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Sierra owns and operates a small business out of her 3,000-square-foot home in Happy Valley, Oregon. She turned to Cadet to find a way to keep that room comfortable, while lowering the overall temperature in the rest of her home to save energy and money.

Adding an electric wall heater to a frequently used room in your home can help you save cash while improving comfort, even if you already have a central furnace. Would it make sense to have one light switch control all of the lights in your home? How about heating all of a 3,000-square-foot home just to keep one room at a comfortable temperature? That's exactly the situation Sierra from Happy Valley, Oregon found herself in because of her central heating system.

Sierra runs a small business out of her home office. During the day, she's the only one home. That means her central furnace is heating the entire house just to keep the one room comfortable. It's not exactly practical and has a big impact on her heating bill.

Lucky for Sierra, there's an easy way to add a little extra heat in one room without messing with her central heat.

Before: Sierra wasn't able to use an old wall heater in her office because it was blocked by a bookshelf.

Using an electric wall heater with central heat

A central HVAC system generally has one thermostat that heats the entire home or large parts of the home, which are called zones. Electric heaters are installed in individual rooms. Each room has a thermostat. That means you can heat individual rooms independently of one another. Have someone who likes it to be 75 and another who wants it to be 65? No problem (as long as they don't share a room). And like in Sierra's case, she can keep one room comfortable without spending the money to heat your entire home. In fact, someone who owned the home before Sierra had a similar idea. The home office had an electric heater installed on the wall but it wasn't connected to power and couldn't be used because of her furniture layout. So Sierra needed a new heater that would work with her furniture layout, not dictate the feel and the flow of the room. She turned to Cadet Tech Support for help finding the right heater for her situation.

Sierra, a business owner in Happy Valley, OR used the Apex72 electric wall heater to heat her home office, while lowering the central heat when no one else is home.

Cold room solution

After talking with Cadet's Tech Support team, Sierra decided to take advantage of the unused vertical wall space above her furniture and install the Apex72 electric wall heater. The heater is specifically designed to be installed 6 feet above the floor and circulate warm air throughout the room. Sierra has done a little electrical work herself, but not enough to take on a major project like this, so she turned to Prairie Electric, a local electrical contractor, to install the Apex72 heater. And because there was an old electric heater in the room, Prairie was able to quickly upgrade to the new heater by using the old power cables running to the heater and thermostat. Now her office is warm and inviting, and in the end, Sierra was happy with how it turned out. "I love the low profile, and how easy it is to use," she said.

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