Youtuber Uses Cadet Garage Heater in Workshop

2 min read

Johnny Brooke of the Crafted Workshop YouTube Channel needed to find a way to keep his workshop warm during the winter months. After evaluating all of his options, he decided to go with Cadet's The Hot One garage heater because it was relatively inexpensive compared to other options, and he already had access to 240-volt power in his garage. A few months ago, he approached us asking for a heater to review. We loved the idea. So we sent him a heater and sponsored his video on "How to winterize your workshop." We asked Johnny to provide his honest feedback on the heater. Check out the video above to hear his thoughts, and to see what your other options are for adding heat to a garage workshop. If you're interested in some of his other projects, check out his videos on "How to Turn an Aluminum Knob on a Metal Lathe" and making a "Live Edge Shelf."