Time to install a heater

3 min read

Not exactly the kind of weather that makes you think of needing heaters, is it? Summertime and the living is…well, more suited to running air conditioning than thinking about heating your home. But home heating is exactly what’s on the mind of Mitch Speck of Specktacular Home Remodeling.

Mitch Speck of Specktacular Home Remodeling installs a Cadet Perfectoe heater in a home in Sandy, Oregon. Y’see, Mitch is a long time contractor in the Sandy, Oregon area, and on one particularly balmy day in Oregon (Yes, Oregon – believe it or not!) Mitch and his crew are busy cutting drywall, running Romex down walls, and pulling out cabinets in two bathrooms. Mitch had been hired to do a complete remodel of the three rooms, and at first his customer had no source of heat in either bathroom. Running ductwork to the space would add thousands of dollars to the remodel plan, but Mitch had an idea.

Check out this short Cadet Heat video to see how Mitch’s idea provided heat for his customer for very little money and why he says it's a good idea to think about your heating needs before winter hits. Mitch says that summer and early fall is an ideal time to schedule work for electricians as well as contractors. You might think they aren't as busy when winter hits, but Mitch says that usually isn't the case.

If you're cold in October and want a heater installed, your favorite handyman might not be able to get to you until December or January. It's always better to be prepared. "You start to feel the cool air and it's a trigger for a lot of people who suddenly remember that they had a cold room your two last winter," Mitch says. "And it is also a time of year when the trades people are in transition, so your odds are better that you'll have quick turnaround times if you call an electrician or contractor during the fall." So, did you have a cold room in your home last winter? Because now's the perfect time to think about inviting warmth into your home.