Volunteering at Share House Changes Lives

3 min read

Stacy Glass, Trisha Zufelt, Darla Rosser, Steve Capuano and Deb Price pose for a portrait before leaving to volunteer at Share House. When's the last time you worried about where your next warm meal or even a cup of coffee would come from? A group of coworkers and myself spent the afternoon volunteering at Share House last Friday, which provides more than 89,000 free meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner to homeless and low-income people in our community.

A lot of the food used in the program is donated by local grocery stores and prepared by volunteers and staff. That day, a fully cooked meal had been donated for the day's dinner, so we prepared salad and bread. When we were done with that we helped the shelter get ahead of a big Christmas dinner. Three of us spent a few hours preparing 29 partially frozen turkeys to be cooked, (we have the raw hands to prove it) and the rest of us did prep work for stuffing. When all the prep was completed, we got to serve people. "It was a life-changing experience," said Stacy Glass, our Inside Sales Rep. She thinks that she will make volunteering at the Share House a regular thing in 2015. Steve Capuano, our Lean Champion, said that it seemed like this might be only warm meal a lot of them had that day.

This crew prepared 29 partially-frozen turkeys for a special holiday dinner.

"There were a lot of 'thank yous,'" he said. "The people were very appreciative." I served beverages to folks. A lot of them were asking if they could have another cup of coffee. We needed to make sure there was enough for everyone so I had to turn them away. That really stuck with me.

After spending a few hours serving others, we all reached the same conclusion: We need to do this again. Share House is doing life changing work, not just for the people it serves, but as we found out, for us as volunteers as well. Thanks to Share House, its employees and volunteers for everything they do.