Environmental Tenant of the Year

2 min read

Everyone at Cadet is proud to have been presented the 2012 Environmental Tenant of the Year award from the Port of Vancouver that acknowledges our hard work for more than 55 years to help families warm their home while reducing energy consumption. But, we're not just focused on helping our customers be kind to the environment. In our manufacturing facility right here in Vancouver, Washington, we've made great strides to continually improve the the materials we use, our processes and the way we work to protect our precious resources. Just a few examples of our focus on sustainability includes:

  • We refurbish product and offer these items online to reduce materials headed to a landfill
  • Our products are packaged with recyclable cardboard and shredded paper before they ship out
  • The environmental friendly paint that coats our product is made up of 70% recycled materials
  • The lighting system throughout our manufacturing plant and office uses high efficiency fluorescent bulbs
  • Many areas utilize occupancy sensors and dimming systems so we don't light areas that we don't use
For these reasons and more, we have been recognized for our environmental stewardship by the Port of Vancouver. We continually review our processes and the way we work to discover new ways to be more efficient for our customers and the environment because it's the right thing to do, and it's nice to recognize our team for their work!