Portland Couple Upgrade Heaters to Energy Plus

3 min read

When it came time to replace aging wall heaters in an above-garage apartment, Andrew and his wife Laurie wanted to make an upgrade without doing any extensive remodeling. They found the perfect solution in Cadet's new Energy Plus electric heater. Andrew and Laurie are acquaintances with Melisa Kinney, our inside sales rep for California. A few months ago they reached out to her to talk about the project. They were looking for an easy upgrade that would save energy without sacrificing comfort. We ended up partnering with them by helping with the purchase price of the heaters and covering installation costs in exchange with the opportunity to share their story here on our blog. Here's why the Energy Plus ended up being the right choice for them:

Easy upgrade for old Com-Pak series heaters

The Energy Plus fits into the same wall can as the old om-Pak heaters that were being replaced. That means they could easily pull out the outdated heater and grill and put the new one directly in the same wall can, using the same wiring hookup and without doing any complicated drywall modifications or repairs. Unlike other electric heaters, the Energy Plus is volt-smart, meaning it automatically detects whether it's hooked up to a 120 or 240 volt circuit, and adjusts itself accordingly. "There's no drywall issues, no electrical issues," Andrew said. "It's a simple transition and installation."

Saves energy without sacrificing comfort

The two were also hoping to find a solution that would help with what they said was a "substantial" electric bill to heat the garage and apartment above it. The built-in digital thermostat on the Energy Plus determines the exact amount of heat and fan needed to keep a room at the set temperature. That leads to energy savings and minimizes temperatures swings at the room, maximizing comfort. "Buying these Energy Plus units pencils out in the long run," Andrew said. "Spending a little more up front will be more than compensated for after a few months of electric bills." Visit Cadet's website to learn more about the Energy Plus.