Manufacturing-Based Training Program

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Cadet Senior Director of Operations Frank Twardoch, left, and Lean Champion Steve Capuano speak to students for #MFGDay16 at a event in Vancouver, Washington on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2016.

Happy National Manufacturing Day 2016! Each year we take the first Friday in October to celebrate manufacturing in the United States and to inspire the next generation of of manufacturers. Yesterday we sent a few employees to speak to several groups of high school students to give them an idea of what we do here at Cadet and what it's like to work in a modern manufacturing environment. We're excited to represent manufacturing and help teach people that it's a viable, exciting career for a lot of people. Here's a quick Q & A from the two employees who represented Cadet at the event, Frank Twardoch, Senior Director of Operations and Steve Capuano, Lean Champion:

What was your biggest takeaway from speaking to students today?

Frank: There is an active “manufacturing-based” training program for students in Vancouver. Some of the students in afternoon sessions had robotics training and an understanding and passion for manufacturing.

Steve:Whether through Workforce Southwest Washington, Partners in Careers, iTech, or our local high schools, there is a real interest in showing our next generation alt="MFGDAY16" width="900" height="545"> Students watch a video about Cadet.

Why is it important for manufacturers like us to reach out to students to tell them about what we do?

Frank: This generation are the employees of the future. In a competitive job market, we want to make sure their perception of manufacturing is a good one.

Steve:It’s important for us to break the old stereotype of manufacturing as a dark, dirty, dangerous place that requires little thinking or skill. We need to educate the next generation that modern manufacturing is focused on a Lean, high-tech, automated, streamlined, data-driven, future that is able to compete globally.