Latest and greatest heaters

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Long before it’s installed in your new home the latest and greatest new stuff likely showed up at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference.

“Once a year west coast builders and architects get together looking for the latest and greatest new stuff in home construction,” said Dan Maze, Cadet Heat Senior Business Manager. “All the ‘big boys’ of home construction are there and they’re looking at everything from plumbing fixtures to stone tile."

Dan, Marketing Manager Melisa Blum, and President Hutch Johnson attended the big conference in San Diego, and Dan says there’s one question they heard consistently: “What is that and who are you?”

“We were like Chihuahuas at the Rottweiler dog park”, said Melisa.

“We assume because we have about 80 percent of the wall heater market in the Northwest that everyone knows who we are. But that’s not the case."

Cadet sales pro Tim Mangin poses with show signage.

And even if they are familiar with Cadet, one product we brought to market is new for everyone: The Apex72. “Even though half of the folks who saw our booth didn’t know what a Cadet heater was, they all loved the concept and the look of the Apex72,” Hutch said. Dan agrees: “The reaction was good for the Apex and there were a lot of people who weren’t aware that the Apex provided a great option.”

There are several aspects of the Apex72 that caused the buzz. It’s an electric wall heater that mounts 72 inches above the floor and spreads heat evenly through the room. It’s perfect for small rooms, allows more flexibility on furniture placement, and requires less maintenance than other wall heaters. The Apex could be a good future fit for the California market, a State that will be required to be “Net Zero” in 2020. That means that new buildings will need to have net zero energy consumption. That’s why our travelling Cadet crew also brought Cadets Energy Plus Wall Heater, which provides consistent comfort and uses 30 percent less energy than comparable units.

Regardless of technological improvements, President Hutch Johnson found that, in this competitive builders market, products must be priced correctly. “Builders are telling us that their customers want the latest and greatest features in their homes, but they’re not going to pay extra for it,” Hutch said. “We have to be very careful of what latest and greatest new product we bring to the market.”

That’s especially important to Cadet Heat, because our heaters are made in the US, so our products support working families and have for more than 50 years.

Listen to Dan Maze chat up our fantastic heaters on this podcast from the The Carey Brothers at PCBC.