How to Keep Your Mancave Warm and Comfortable

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A lot of man caves start with a room that is underutilized by the rest of the family. It can be anything from a garage, spare room, attic, basement, shed, or maybe even a walk-in closet. Virtually anywhere that can be repurposed into your own personal sanctuary.

What might have started as a dark, damp, and cold, is now a place where you're spending a lot of your time, so wouldn't you want it to be warm and comfortable?

Michael from Salem, Oregon turned his garage into the ultimate man cave, including a 65-inch TV and a few exotic cars.

Michael from Salem, Oregon was in just that situation. When he moved into his latest home, he paid a company to pump insulation into the walls surrounding and ceiling above his garage, which would soon be home to his 65-inch TV and a luxury car collection.

The Energy Plus heater has a built-in digital display. Next Michael also needed a reliable source of heat that he could easily monitor. He found that solution in Cadet's Energy Plus heaters.The Energy Plus has a built-in digital display that gives him a constant reading on the temperature of the garage and like other electric heaters, it can be installed without modifying the central system already installed in a home. Which saves a lot of time and money on the installation.

But unlike other electric heaters, the Energy Plus can dynamically change the amount of heat it creates and how fast the fan spins, to give just enough heat to keep a room at the desired temperature. Once the room reaches the set temperature, the heaters are virtually silent. And because it keeps the room within a degree of his set temperature, he doesn't need to worry about temperature changes affecting his luxury cars.

Michael is happy with the Energy Plus and likes being able to see the temperature and fan speed at a glance. Plus, now he doesn't have to worry about being cold while kicking back and watching TV with his buddies in his man cave.