Baseboard Owner's Guide

2 min read

One of our green initiatives at Cadet is reducing the amount of paper we consume.We’re very proud that our new baseboard guide now uses less than half the paper of previous versions! When you consider how many Owner’s Guides we print each year, that’s a lot of trees!

The guide still contains all the expert information you expect from Cadet, but now it’s more concise, easier to read and we’ve added even more diagrams and graphics. You know the old saying…a picture is worth a thousand words!

Matt Cross from our accounting department led the team responsible for redesigning the owner's guide. The goal was to make the guide better serve our general DIY audience who buys heaters off the retail shelf and through online stores.

"Using less paper is a nice added bonus," Matt said.

This new format will roll out to the rest of our product line in the coming months.

Since 2007 Cadet has reduced the amount of paper purchased for office use by 60 percent through employee awareness, process improvements and electronic sharing. We’re proud to have recently renewed our Clark County Green Businesses designation. Reducing the amount of paper used in our Owner’s Guides is just one more way we strive to save our planet’s resources.