How to wire a baseboard on the left-hand side

2 min read

Our standard baseboard heaters come with universal wiring on both ends of the unit, which means you can connect it to power on either the left- or right-hand side of the heater during installation. When you're using the right side of the baseboard, things are pretty straight forward: Cut the one factory connection available and use those wires to connect your heater to power. Things may seem a little more tricky on the left side because there are two factory connections available. That's just the way things have to be for our heaters to work. But just like when wiring on the right side, you only need to cut one connection to install your heater. Our owner's guide suggests you use the connection that has one wire that leads to the top and one wire that leads to the bottom of the wiring box on the baseboard. If you're confused, just take a minute (or 50 seconds to be precise) to watch our video. Thomas with our Tech Support team will walk you through the process.