Flipping A House With Baseboard Heaters

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This 3-bedroom ranch home in Milwaukie, Oregon was in need of some serious work when Jim Sliker bought it in June 2015. What would you think if you saw a for sale sign in front of this little blue house with a bad roof and overgrown weeds and trees in the front yard? Like many people you'd probably think "drive past it" or "tear it down," but not Jim. Jim saw potential. Jim Sliker, who lives in the Portland, Oregon area, takes pride in buying and fixing up old homes and making them move-in ready for new home buyers. When it came to choosing what upgrades to make to this blue, 3-bedroom ranch home in Milwaukie, Jim said it was basically a no brainer:

  • Redo the hardwood floors.
  • Put up a fresh coat of paint inside and out.
  • Install a new roof.
  • Completely gut and rebuild the kitchen and bathroom.

In other words, he spent his money on items that make a big visual impact. He also decided to focus his attention on a change that is a little less visual: the heating system. In this case that meant replacing a bulky wood-stove and decades-old electric baseboard heaters with brand new cadet baseboards. "These older houses don't have real good insulation to start with so they need to have a good heat source," Jim said. "Cadet makes some of the best baseboard heaters in the world so we wanted to make sure we used them as a selling point for our clients when they come in to look at the house."

Steve from Cadet's Tech Support team helps walk a customer through an installation. He said Cadet's tech support department was also vital to the process and was able to help him understand how to replace the heaters himself, which isn't something he's done before. Jim also replaced old knob-style thermostats with new electronic ones, which are easy to use, more accurate and help save energy. In the end, it all paid off. Jim was able to make all the repairs in about 3 weeks, and had a full price offer only 3 days after putting the home back on the market.


Jim was able to get a full price offer for the home only 3 days after putting it back on the market.