Helping Establish Heating Safety Standards

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We spend a lot of time making sure our products are the best--and safest-- on the market. To reach that goal, we've been providing input and working with Underwriters Laboratory and other companies that make heaters to help develop and improve heater safety standards for the industry.

In 2010 our Vice President of Engineering Craig Peterson joined an Underwriters Laboratories panel that helps establish heater safety standards for electric room heaters.

Craig says the UL process encourages collaboration between UL and panel members that is "focused on the greater good” with the end consumer in mind. Panel members, including Craig, typically volunteer at least 40 hours each year doing heater safety research and meeting both online and face-to-face.

In late February Craig went to Florida to participate in a panel that was looking at revising standards for smart phone and wi-fi enabled connected portable heaters. Among other concerns, the group was tasked with figuring out how to test what a heater does in case it is remotely turned on while an object is blocking its airflow. Craig said that the group heard concerns from consumer safety groups and other members and decided to table the discussion to make sure the new heater safety standard would meet everyone's concerns.

“We wanted to develop a test that would address a majority of the concerns for a connected heater,” he said. The problem with wireless enabled heaters is that they can be activated when a person isn't in the room to verify the minimum clearance requirements are met.

Craig's participation allows Cadet to be a voice for our customers’ needs and offers a unique opportunity to raise the bar for heater safety and excellence in our industry. Craig’s experience as a Mechanical Engineer, including experience in R&D, mechanical and electrical design, and product introduction make him a valuable asset to the panel.

As an engineer, Craig (not unlike Spock) promotes making decisions based on logic and analytical review of the facts versus emotion, but his passion is unmistakable when sharing his strong desire to contribute and make a difference in the community and industry.

We’re proud of his desire to continually improve industry standards, and the innovation he brings to our family of products. We may be just a bit biased, but we think the Standards Technical Panel is lucky to have him on board!

Craig has been part of the Cadet family since 1996 and currently spends most of his time designing and developing new products. Craig recently accepted the Portland Business Journal finalist award for Product Innovation of the Year for his work on the new Apex72 heater.