Growing A Thriving Community Garden At Cadet

2 min read

Three years ago, we got a little greener...with a green thumb! We started a community garden on the side of our building that seemed like a perfect place to dig in and get things growing.

This year, some of our Cadet employees supplied plants for the garden and actively participate in the watering, weeding and harvesting of the bounty that grows in our garden. Some unique contributions this year were Alexandria (front desk coordinator) supplied sunflowers and Guy (senior engineer) brought banana trees harvested from his trees at home to add to the landscape.

Our garden this year is growing so well the trellis that supports the beans is leaning over!

As part of our sustainable business practices, we use water saving techniques to ensure a green garden. We also installed rain barrels to water our trees surrounding the building and a drip systems to ensure the reduction of wasteful watering.

Our efforts have grown beyond our own garden here. Earlier this year, Cadet hosted Take your Kids to Work day where one of the featured activities was planting seeds to take home and grow. Dona (quality coordinator) brought her grandson Leo who grew sweet peas in his own garden from the seeds provided from the event.

It is exciting to see how inviting the garden has become to our employees and the camaraderie that occurs with the care and harvesting of the garden.