Upgrading From Propane to Electric Shop Heaters

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Cadet garage heaters can provide efficient, reliable heat in a garage or industrial space. How well do they work? Just ask Gary Silverglat of M'Shoogy's Famous Emergency Animal Rescue in Savannah, Missouri. “They’re terrific,” he said in a recent phone interview. M’Shoogy's has used Cadet heaters almost exclusively for heat ever since we donated several factory reconditioned heaters to the organization over the past few years. The only exceptions are a few industrial cooling units that can also provide heat. Compared to the propane heaters the shelter was previously using, the electric heaters provide instant heat that is clean and, more importantly, the staff aren't worried about one of the heaters starting a fire anymore, Gary said.

The other big advantage is that there is never a shortage of electricity in Missouri. Gary said they would occasionally run into propane shortages in the area. If the animals don’t have heat in the winter, they would likely die. Propane heaters require ventilation, are usually pretty noisy, run extremely hot, and usually sit directly on the floor. Our electric heaters don't require any ventilation, can be mounted up high and out of the way, and have a fan to help circulate warm air around the room. “These heaters are instrumental for keeping the animals warm,” he said. It's an important mission for an organization that tries to help animals in need.

M’Shoogy's is a 12,000-square-foot no-kill animal rescue shelter and clinic. Gary says they often have between 500 and 600 animals at the shelter every day. The clinic, which offers low-cost veterinary care from experts, sees up to 200 clients a day. Some come 100 miles to get care, Gary said. There was a recent case where a dog needed an emergency c-section.

The hometown vet was going to charge someone $4,200 for the procedure but the family didn’t have money to afford it so they were referred to M’Shoogys, which was about 75 miles away. The procedure cost $350 there. “There’s nothing like we do in the United States,” Gary said.