My Energy Plus Looks Different

4 min read

If your Energy Plus looks like the one in the image above, it was made before January 2016. If you found this blog post, you're either an avid reader of everything Cadet (good on you) or have an Energy Plus heater and noticed it doesn't look quite like the one that's currently on our website. We updated the design of the heater in January of 2016. If your heater looks like the image at the top of this post, it was made before that switch over. 

So really, what's the difference between the two versions of the heater? Well besides the obvious difference in button layout an configuration, the newer heater has a few upgrades, here's a quick overview:

Now even quieter

The Energy Plus has always been a quiet heater. It dynamically adjusts the fan speed based on how much heat your room needs -- so if you don't need a lot of heat, the fan slowly spins to circulate air. The new design improves further on that design. Thanks to a new motor, it's now even more quiet.

Smart voltage detection

Do you have 120, 208 or 240 volt power running to your heater? That's the single most important question to ask yourself when you're buying any heater besides the Energy Plus.

The Energy Plus can work with 120, 208 or 240 volt power. With the new design, you just hook up the supply wires to your heater. When you turn the heater on, it automatically detects what voltage it is using and configures itself accordingly. It makes for a really safe and easy install.

The original design also works with 120, 208 and 240 volt power, but you need to manually adjust a voltage key on the back of the heater to match the voltage of the circuit you are using. If you're using the wrong voltage, you'll get an error message.

Same great energy savings and comfort

Most electric heaters are either on or off. If the room is below the temperature set on your thermostat, the heater and fan turn on at full blast and heat the room until the air temperature rises above the set point. The Energy Plus reads the room temperature and calculates how much heat the room needs to stay at that temperature. That means it may be running at half or a quarter power -- but most importantly, that means your room stays at a comfortable, consistent temperature. That's true whether your heater looks like the first image or the second one. If you're looking for operating instructions and other info, you can find that the owner's guide for the original Energy Plus and the owner's guide for the updated Energy Plus. If you need a replacement grill or parts for the original design of the heater, you're going to need to get in touch with our customer service department.