Electric Toe-Kick Heater vs. In-Floor Radiant Heat

2 min read

A while back one of our electrician friends posed an interesting question: Can you substitute a Cadet Perfectoe heater for an in-floor radiant heating system? The answer is yes... and no. If you haven't heard about in-floor radiant heating, it's basically just a series of heated cables or mats installed either above or below your subfloor. The system then radiates heat into the floor material, which then in turn warms up the entire room. One selling feature of these systems is that they take care of pesky cold floors in bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere else in a home for that matter.

They're also pretty darn expensive to install, especially when you consider that it requires some significant changes to your flooring (which may or may not be the reason why our electrician friend was asking the question.) Our Perfectoe heater is installed under cabinets in the toe-kick area. It uses a fan to circulate warm air through a room. It does a great job heating the air in the room but not the floor itself. And unlike the in-floor radiant systems, it's a straight-forward install that is relatively inexpensive.

So whether or not the substitution will work depends on your situation. Looking for a solution to heat the room in general? The Perfectoe will work great. Looking for toasty warm floors? You'd probably better stick with an in-floor radiant system.