Add heat to a room with limited wall space

3 min read

The Cadet Perfectoe electric wall heater is a great option in kitchens, bathrooms , laundry rooms and other rooms that are, in general, 100-square-feet or less. Need to add a little additional heat to your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room but lacking the wall space for a baseboard or fan heater? No problem.

You'll get just what you're looking for with the Perfectoe electric heater, which is designed to fit under cabinets in the toe-kick area. (But this heater works great in a lot of other places, not just under cabinets.) You can put it pretty much anywhere that has 3.5 inches of clearance height, whether it is a stairwell, hearth, or recreational vehicle. We've even heard from people who install them in built-in cabinets in living rooms or in foyers. They shouldn't be directly on the floor or it will make a slight rattling noise, according to Steve in Cadet's tech support department. An easy workaround would be to install four small foam squares under the corners of the heater to prevent the heatbox from rattling against the flooring. Folks should also make sure throw rugs, towels and even the family cat or dog don't end up spending time in front of the heater, or the high-temperature safety shutoff could trip, which means you'd have to take the front grill off to reset the heater. It needs to be cleaned at least every 6 months or more frequently because it's on the floor. Typically used in rooms that are 100-square-feet or less. If the room is much bigger, you might want to consider other options like the ComPak Bath, EnergyPlus or Apex72.