Fall Back, Clean Your Heater

2 min read
It's that time of year again: the one where you change whatever clocks you have that aren't in your phone or internet-connected device by an hour. Don't worry this time is the one where you get an extra hour of sleep. You've probably heard fire departments and others suggest you take a few minutes to check batteries in smoke detectors. Well, now it's our turn to remind you to do something. After you dial those clocks back by an hour on Sunday, take a few minutes to clean your heater. I promise, it's easy to do. We wrote a 5-step tutorial on our blog and even made a nifty video.

We recommend you clean your wall heater a few times a year to extend its life and keep the elements working in tip-top shape. If you have a baseboard heater, cleaning is even easier. Just flip off the breaker that powers the heater and vacuum it out. Taking a few minutes to take care of your heaters will help keep your family comfortable and warm this winter and will help keep the room smelling fresh.