Hood to Coast Relay

3 min read

Cadet's 2016 Hood to Coast Team poses for a team portrait at the finish line in Seaside, Oregon. It's the third year Cadet sent a team to the relay race.

Last week our team ran the third year that we've participated as a company. It's a fantastic way to get closer to a few of your coworkers and their families. Now that the runners have had a few days to recuperate, we decided to ask them what their thoughts on the race were. Here's their comments:

"The thing I liked most about Hood to Coast was the team. We had people in our van cheering other teams on, and giving other teams water. It really encompasses the culture of the Pacific Northwest with wellness and fitness and being outdoors. It was really great. Even though I'm still sore and limping today, I would absolutely do it again." - Marcela

"I've done Hood to Coast for 15 years, and what I like about it is that every year is a new experience. One of my favorite moments is when I stopped to give water to my teammate and a woman was running down the hill (it was a steep hill, 98 degrees out, and a 7 mile stretch), I gave her almost my entire bottle of water and at the next checkpoint she came up to me with her teammates saying 'This is the guy that gave me water.' That's one of my favorite things, at exchanges talking to my teammates and sharing their experiences and comparing their experiences to mine." - Javier

"The finish line is definitely my favorite part. With this race your team is split in half with two vans, and so when you get to the finish line you still have that sense of urgency to finish, but it's like seeing family members that you haven't seen in a while. And at the end sharing those stories with them, and reliving the race is just amazing." - Brandon